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Websites that are most of all quality, look professional and are easy to use, yet at affordable prices. Websites that clearly show your online presence as a professional company and allow clients to find you through search engines.* We make basic and complicated websites to fit your business needs. Call now to talk to a specialist!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions and questions that are likely to be asked.

General FAQ About Website Design

Q: How much does a website cost?
A: This perhaps is the most frequest question we receive. It depends on your needs and requirements, how complex the website is and how much information it will contain, also if it is informational ("static") or has some more advanced features ("dynamic") like a database. But generally and very roughly speaking an average website is $700-1,000. A very basic and simple one may be $400-600, while a much complex and extensive design and development may be over $1,500. Please request a quote and free consultation to get a more precise quote for your future website.

Q: I need a website, but don't know where to start!?
A: We can fully assist registering a website address and getting you a website, don't worry, we will handle everything.

Q: I am ready to order a website, how soon can I expect it to be complete?
A: It depends on several factors; how fast you can provide any materials needed for the project, such as images and text. Also on how big the project is and how much work load we currently have. Generally you can expect your website from one 1 week to 3 weeks. While some bigger projects may take even longer.

Q: Do you offer discounts if we order more? (Example: website, server, security cameras)
A: Yes depending on the project but if you need many things done we may be able to give you a lower price.

Q: I would like to have an online store and to be able to add products with pictures.
A: Thats not a problem we have a good solutions for this!

Q: We hired someone who did not complete the project and wan't someone else
A: We would be glad to take over the project and complete it for you, however please understand and take in account that a lot of incomplete projects are hard and in some cases not reasonable to complete and we may need to start fresh.

Q: Are there any extra costs for keeping a website besides initial design/development fee?
A: Yes there is an annual domain name registration fee to the registrar, depending on domain but is usually around $10. There is a $10.61 monthly fee for hosting, which includes website and email hosting. On some projects there are also extra expenses like purchasing of "stock" photography or graphical imagery, which would be discussed prior to project start.

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A: We do not have a full referral program at this time, but any referrals are much appreciated and if the project is profitable enough we may offer you complimentary consulting time, provide discount on hosting fees or even send a check in the mail.

Q: What is my mine in the website after completion?
A: It depends on project size and agreements made. But in all cases the domain name is yours to keep. As well as any graphics or other components purchased. However in some projects source files such as Photoshop .PSD files are not provided unless otherwise agreed prior to project start, as well as files like .PHP or .FLA, as project value may be more if these files are included. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

- More FAQs coming soon...

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